Monday, February 2, 2015

Primary Activity: Following the Footsteps of Jesus

 When I served in the Primary Presidency we did about one big activity a year with the kids.  Since I did this one before I started the blog, I sadly don't have any pictures of the activity to share! :(  However, it was one of the favorite ones in my book so I wanted to share it for those of you serving in the Primary to use if you want to!  I spent a lot of time putting it together so I'm all about sharing the love and saving time for others!  Especially with the Primary theme this year centered around Jesus!

This activity is a walk back in time with characters from the New Testament dressed up and telling their story in the first person!  There are four stations and each one involves a first person account of an encounter with the Savior, a discussion, and an activity or handout to go with the topic!  
Check out the links below for all the details to teach your children about the Savior in a fun and memorable way!

Please contact me if you'd like the Word document for this to alter...Googledocs always alters them so that's why I saved them as PDF's.

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