Monday, June 2, 2014

There's No Place Like Home Primary Activity (Creating a temple of our homes!)

       Saturday was our ward Primary activity, at which we had the theme, “There’s No Place Like Home.”  We did a Wizard of Oz theme where each of the characters (Scarecrow, Lion, & Tinman) taught a rotation about how they gained what they were searching for (Brain, Courage, Heart) after they learned a lesson from a prophet of old that they met along the way.  The scarecrow learned how to gain knowledge by searching the scriptures from Joseph Smith, the Lion gained courage by learning from Nephi, and the Tinman learned to love by following the counsel of King Benjamin.  

After these rotations everyone came back together to learn from Dorothy about her quest to return to her “home” both earthly and Heavenly.  The “Emerald City” was the temple, which she had to get to in order to return home to her family, and the Wicked Witch was like Satan, trying to distract her from her goal.  Dorothy taught them about how she learned lessons from each of her friends about how to make her home a heaven on earth, because it was the only place on earth that could be as close to Heaven as the temple.  

After her lesson, the children made temple blocks with a picture of the Mesa temple that said, “I’m going there someday” to put up in their rooms at home.  The activity went really well thanks to so many who helped us out!  It was one of those activities that I felt the whole idea came from the guidance of the spirit, and we just got to implement!  So cool to be a part of!

Here are the PDF's for the activity 
if you'd like to do this with your own Primary!

The Invites
The Agenda
Character & Activity Explanations

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