Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Schedule Task Cards for Toddlers and Kids!

If your children are like mine (and all that I taught over the years) they CRAVE schedules and structure.  There's something about knowing what is coming next (and having a say in it now and then) that helps to soothe their little minds and prevent extra behavior issues and tantrums. (This is especially good for children with various forms of autism!) Well, I like to change things up now and then, so I don't like to keep too strict of a schedule.  However, I have been noticing lately how much my little three-year-old was in desperate need of one that she could see.  I searched Pinterest and found a plethora of options, but none that fit what I was looking for, with pictures I liked.  So, here is my version! 

I keep it set up on a wall outside the bedrooms with all the routine cards always in the same place.  We really only have a couple of places that change on a daily basis and I try to involve my kids in choosing one or two activities every day so that they feel ownership.  We call them "The Task Cards" and they have been lifesavers for us!  Instead of having to say "It's time to get ready for bed" we just say "What's next on your task cards?" and it gets done without crying and whining!  I even have it set up so that our three-year-old gets up, uses the potty, says her prayers, makes her bed, and plays in her room until we get up! (It works most of the time at least! :))  Magical!!!

I bought my pocket chart from Amazon which turned out to be the perfect size for it!  It's more square than most you find, and cheaper, so I highly recommend ordering this one!  
If you'd rather do something smaller, you can always print the cards at 50% of their size and put them on magnets or something.  I'm just a stickler for things staying straight so I know that would drive me crazy! :)

I hope this is useful for some of you out there!
Please leave a comment if you use them.  I'd love to hear from you!  Feel free to send me suggestions of other cards you'd like to see added since it's always a work in progress!

Also, if you'd like the word version that you can alter or add to, then just leave a comment with your email and I will send you the Word file.


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  1. I would love a copy of the Word file for the schedule task cards as well as the toy roundup labels. They are great! I don't want to put my email address on the comments, but I don't see a way to email or message you privately.

    1. I'm so glad you like them and can use them! I would be happy to email those to you! Just email me at bridgetdewey (at) yahoo (dot) com