Monday, February 2, 2015

Boot Camp (Building Our Own Testimonies) Primary Activity

A couple of summers ago my Primary Presidency put together this outdoor activity for the kids at church to have fun and learn about how to strengthen their testimonies.  I don't have a lot of details written down, or pictures since I hadn't started this blog yet then, but I thought I'd share what I do have in case anyone would like to use our ideas!

We dressed up as drill sergeants and had the kids marching in rows, chanting from station to station as they went!  We had four stations for the activity and when the kids arrived we divided them into Platoons with two Primary teachers in each group as their captains.  

These are the stations we did:

Obstacle Course: Overcoming the obstacles of life through our Savior, Jesus Christ
(We walked them through the obstacle course with a short lesson before doing it.  Talk about how sometimes life is easier, sometimes more difficult...and sometimes we just can't do things on our own.  Have one part of the course where they HAVE to have help by a priesthood holder to get through it and talk about how the Savior can help us through those times.)  

Drills: Testimony Relays
(For this you can have them do a small relay of your choice with an Article of Faith they have to recite, scripture to read, or something like that as part of the relay.  Let them help each other if they get stuck and talk about how sometimes we need each other to help strengthen our testimonies.)

Make A Title of Liberty: Standing for Truth in the Wars of Life
(These were made out of wooden skewers and small pieces of white cloth...a short lesson given on the Title of Liberty and then they were given markers to create their own Title of Liberty representing what was most important to them).

Letters to Missionaries: Supporting Your Comrades

(A short mini-lesson on the importance of supporting and helping each other before writing a letter to the missionaries from our ward.)

At the end we all met up at the "Mess Hall" for closing remarks, prayer, and a treat!

Mess Hall: Feasting on the Word of God: CTR Shield Cookies

Here are all the files if you want to use them:

Please contact me if you'd like the Word document for this to alter...Googledocs always alters them so that's why I saved them as PDF's.

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