Monday, November 30, 2015

Countdown to CHRIST-MAS Nativity

Tis the season to be Jolly...and busy!

Forgive my short post, but I wanted to share this project with you all, with little time to make it fancy! So bare with me, but here it goes!

I have spent the last couple of years putting together a Nativity-centered Christmas countdown with scripture, song, and video links for each character in the Nativity.  The idea is that you look at your December schedule and traditions that you are already doing with your family.  Then use this document to put a Christ-centered focus on your tradition.  Or if you are looking for some new ways to celebrate, there are some of those as well!

Choose whatever order you want to study the characters in, and you can study one each day, or study each one for a few days to have something to study every day until Christmas.  Tailor it to fit your family's schedule and traditions!

The document has hyperlinks to all scriptures, songs, and videos so you can used your phone, tablet, or computer to access everything you need.  That way you can even use it when you are on vacation! 

Click the picture below to download the document!

This was inspired by Emily Freeman's A Christ-Centered Christmas 
See my post from last year for more details and a link to buy her awesome book:

CHRIST-mas Countdown Begins! Five ways to put Christ back in Christmas!

Click Here to Download the Countdown!

Have a very merry CHRIST-mas!!!

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