Saturday, March 1, 2014

And it begins...

How do you begin a blog you've been thinking of starting for several years?  After opening and closing this blog several times, occupying myself with those oh-so-essential formatting options such as color and font (and yes, I could play with those for months!), I decided perhaps I should quit staring at the blank page before me, and finally make my mark.  So, here it goes...

Why blog?  To be honest, I've always been more of an anti-blogger.  Sure, I love browsing other people's blogs, but to do my own?  No way.  Too much time and work, and for what?  What do I really have to say that anyone would want to read anyways?  I get most of my great ideas from other people on Pinterest, friends, colleagues, family, etc. so would I really have anything original worth sharing?  However, this nagging feeling that I needed to do it just wouldn't go away!  So, I began a family blog, sharing my life stories, and especially cute pictures and stories of my darling little girls...but did that take the nagging feeling away?  Nope!  Thus the birth of this blog.  As I discussed my feelings with a dear friend, she began to share with me ideas of mine that she had adapted to her own life and home that I didn't even know about!  In a nutshell she told me, "You have your own ideas to share, you just didn't realize they would be helpful to others because to you they are just everyday ideas!"  She really got me thinking.  I guess it's like the old adage that "One man's junk is another man's treasure."  "One man's basic idea is another's epiphany!"  Heaven knows I get A LOT of epiphany's from other people's mundane!  So, my hope is that my everyday ideas can somehow be an epiphany to another in need...whatever the subject may be!

Obviously it will take a while to get this site up and running with fun things, but just to give a glimpse of my plans, here are the topics I will mostly post on. 

-Home Organization
-Parenting & Teaching
-Holidays &Traditions
-Party Planning
-Crazy Curly Hair Tips :)/Style
-Fitness & Health
-Ideas for Latter-Day Saints
-The Radiant Life

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Without further adieu...I introduce you do my new blog...Leaflet Radiance!

Title Explanation:  Leaflets are small parts of a leaf which make up a bigger leaf, which in turn combine to make up a whole tree.  Basically, the small things in life that make up the bigger picture...and bring about the radiance of everyday life!

About Me:  If you want to know about me, please click on the "I believe" button on the right side of the screen.  There you will find my profile, and what makes my life most radiant!

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